Monday, February 15, 2010


Alright, I'm hoping to update twice a week for now, just to get up to speed on the pages I've already inked, but need to scan. Haven't had a whole lot of time to do comics this past week. Usually Friday and Saturday are the days I tentatively schedule for that, but this weekend I was too busy with getting my graphic design portfolio together for the annual AIGA student portfolio review that I attended Saturday.

Representatives from several local design studios, ad agencies, and universities were there to give "practice" interviews to students, and just critique and review portfolios. All of my stuff is work I've done for class, so a lot of the comments I received were in the vein of developing campaigns for brand identity–something that wasn't in my portfolio at all. However, I got some great advice and comments. The three people I interviewed with all seemed to like the book jacket I did for my Illustration class, as well as the barf bag I did. I was surprised, but as one interviewer said, it was a memorable piece, and you want to be remembered after the interview.

Overall, I think I had a decent range of work, but I'll make sure to beef up my presentation for real interviews. I included several package design pieces in both printout and mock-up form, with the intention of pulling out the mock-up to show the interviewer. But in the future, they suggested I just photograph them and put that in the portfolio instead.

It was a good experience–there were a lot of students from several schools around Detroit, so it was encouraging and inspiring to see the level of others' work, and how I could improve my stuff. I just need to get some interviews in the next couple of months, as well as try to get an internship or something. I want to work so bad.

Alright, well, I'll put the next page up sometime soon. Maybe as soon as Wednesday, but if not, Friday.

By the way, I'm doing a pin-up illustration for Mathieu Moyen's webcomic 6-Commando while he goes on vacation, so that should be on his site next Monday or the week after that. I know him and his work from the Flight forums, and he's been kind enough to provide encouragement and critique on my Guten Tag thread, as well as on the Guten Tag blog. He's a cool dude. So is 6-Commando, so check it out. It's kind of like a modern G.I. Joe, but more realistic, but with a cool, automated beast of a tank as well.

Well, take care then.


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