Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm back from Tennessee, didn't get but one page done while I was there, so I'm behind where I would be if I had been drawing everyday since then...

What I mean to say is that I've finished drawing page 15, which puts me at half the issue. Here are some scans to show what the issue is looking like so far:






I set all my pages up on sheets of 11 x 17" Bristol board, ruling off a page area of 10 x 15.375", and a “live area” of 9 x 13.5". There were quite a few bleeds in this issue, so I needed to have room past my page area for the art that would get cut off. I figured the proportions out so that I can scale it all down to a regular comic size of 6.625 x 10.25", with a live area of 6 x 9". Yagh. I have only Jessica Abel and Matt Madden's book "Drawing Words and Writing Pictures" to thank for the help on all this technical stuff. 

I scanned half of each page since the size is 11x17, then stitched them together in Photoshop--hence the dark band in the middle from edge that didn't completely touch the scanner bed. It'll look a lot nicer when they're inked, since I can just go in and set a threshold, converting the whole think to black and white. However, that probably won't be for at least a week or so, once I've finished all 30 pages. 

Well, this is the furthest I've ever gotten in drawing a comic, so even though the end may still look like a long way off, I'm getting there. Sometimes it sucks to draw, other times it's really fun. I'm finding that I'll too worked up over getting correct proportions or perspective, but once I step away and take a break, then come back, it gets better. I'm trying to find a balance between drawing realistically and figuratively, and sometimes I'll get it. Practice makes better, though. 

Alright. Enough. I need to sleep.

-ryan h

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey, not much to share, but pages 5-8 have been pencilled. Started on page 9 today, but I'm gonna have to finish it tomorrow (hopefully). Tonight I'm headed down to Tennessee for a week with my friends who are going back to school. I'm bringing my stuff to draw, but who knows if I'll be able to get that much done. 

Cool. Hopefully I'll be able to scan some pencils when I get back.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Back on the Wagon

Alright, Sean and I recently redid the page layouts for the whole issue, since we decided a lot of pages had too many panels and were cramped, and also to streamline the story better. So now we're at 30 pages for the first issue, and I've already begun the pencils. I finished pages 1-4 Saturday, and I'm starting on page 5 today. My goal is to get all the pencils done by the 20th or so, in order to start on inking before I go back to school. It's gonna be a challenge, but a fun one.

Also, we're starting to put together ideas for an actual website for Mega West. Hopefully we'd have it up when the first issue is printed, and you could go there for character bios, backstory, and other news.


Here's a sketch.

Alright, I don't think I'll post images of the penciled pages. Maybe I'll scan one and then again once I ink it to show my process.