Monday, February 22, 2010


I think at some point, I'm going to spend some time and color these, and possibly reintroduce them. The reason that I don't have a lot of shadow in these pages, is the fact that we planned on them being in color. But when it comes to actually printing them, I might convert that to grayscale, or color them monochromatically or something. Color costs money.

Oh yeah, last Monday I mentioned being a guest artist for 6-COMMANDO, a webcomic by Mathieu Moyen, while he's on vacation. Well, he updated his site today, so check out the tank I drew: 6-COMMANDO And while you're at it, go back and check out the whole story so far. It's headed in an interesting direction. (warning: there are a few swears here and there..if that offends you.) Regardless, it's a great comic blending both quality artwork and engaging plot. The experience was pretty fun, and I think not too far off of what MegaWest will look like in color. I wanted to keep the color close to what 6-COMMANDO usually looks like, but I prefer this style for now, until I improve my digital painting chops.

Well, that does it for now. Check back on Friday for page 7, as our story continues...

(...ominous mood being set, due to use of ellipses...)





  1. This is really good, I'm very curious as to where this story is going.

    Oh by the way, that was a really nice piece you did for 6-commando.